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Neatly on the Rocks

Apr 12, 2018

Scotch is a whisky whose beauty eludes many whisky drinkers in the world. In this episode, Page guides you through the world of scotch, and offers affordable, delicious whiskies for every palate. Page believes there's a scotch for every whisky lover, and helps you find it.

Scotch Whisky Recommendations:

Speyside - Aberlour 10 year old has rich spice tones with a ton of dried fruits and nuts, and it's affordable aroud $35

Highlands - Aberfeldy 12 year old is a great pick for a person new to scotch. The body is great and the malt is heathery-sweet, with a bit of sherried fruit and a kiss of smoke. It's also under $50.

Islay - Bowmore 12 year old is a great place to start, and it's available for about $50. The peat is gentle and balanced beautifully by floral notes and vanilla.

Lowland - Auchentoshan Three Wood is a delicate and slightly sweet whisky with a nice complexity. Available for about $50, it's a great price for a high value and drinkable bottle.

The Islands - Highland Park 12 year old is around the $50 mark and is clean and aromatic with citrus and grassy notes, balanced with a creamy honey character.

Campbeltown - Sprinkbank 10 year old is a bit pricier, running from $60-$80, but worth every penny. The nose is rich with stone fruits, honey and warming spices. The palate is a balanced blend of light peat, toffee, vanilla and a bit of pepper and salinity. Complex, sophisticated and delightful.